Is Your Home Ready To Sell?

Is Your Home Ready To Sell?

Is your home ready to sell?

In today's market most buyers are looking for that move in ready home that doesn't require any upgrades or renovations.  Buyers have a checklist of what they want and if your home does not meet their criteria they will just move on. Working with your REALTOR to make sure that your home stays at the top of their list is crucial.  By reviewing with your REALTOR what buyers are currently looking for in a home, and getting your home ready to sell will ensure you get your home sold faster and for top dollar.

So, what are the key areas that are most important to buyers today?

First and foremost is curb appeal and first impressions are crucial.  Studies have shown that 90 % of todays buyers start looking for a home on the internet.    In order to attract them to schedule a viewing the pictures you present must attract their attention.  Having professional photos and videos taken of your home is of the utmost importance.   Do not have your REALTOR take photos or videos with their phone!   Ensure your REALTOR is hiring a reputable and Professional Real Estate Photographer that knows how to shoot your home in its best light.   You only have a few seconds to impress them on the internet and those first seconds are your only chance to make a good first impression.

In order to capture curb appeal at a photo shoot, your home must be camera ready and ready to sell.   When the photographer arrives, your home must be ready to sell – pretend your home is being showcased at the parade of homes and you have pride in ownership.  When a buyer arrives at your home to view it the first thing they see outside.  The exterior will determine how excited they are to come in and view the rest of it.  If the exterior is tired looking, the lawn is not kept up, and it hasn’t been painted in many years, it will leave them with the impression that you do not care and will set the tone for the rest of the viewing.

Grab their attention with pictures first, entice them to schedule a viewing and then have them come inside.  Once inside your home it must have a good interior flow that feels spacious.    By removing unwanted clutter and rearranging or getting rid of bulky furniture you will create space and present your homes best features.  No truer saying was said in “Less is more”!  If your furniture is old and has outlasted its life expectancy, even if you think its still good, that may not be the case for a young buyer who wants a modern look.  Remember we are trying to impress, not make them feel they are visiting Gramma and Grandpa’s house.  If its old, take it out and replace it with something modern.   Stagers have a great eye for bringing in the right furniture to make it look modern.   Hire a stager, its worth it!

Buyers absolutely love updated kitchens and modern bathrooms.  Look at your kitchen and bathroom and determine how you can bring them up to the same standard of recent homes sold in your neighborhood.   Your REALTOR will know what other homes in your neighborhood are selling for and what buyers are wanting.  If you need recommendation on renovators or stagers your REALTOR will have a list that can help you bring your home up to standard.

Having a warm and welcoming Primary Bedroom is so important, buyers are looking for space they can call their own and a retreat where they can close the door and escape from their day-to-day hectic lifestyle.

Flooring needs to be up to date, and Hardwood flooring is the most desirable feature in any room.If you have hardwood flooring under your carpet, take out the carpet and refinish the flooring if needed. 

When a buyer steps into your home to view it, the first thing they do is look down to step into your home and the first thing they see is your floor.  Make sure it is clean and welcoming to come in.

Remember you need to view your home thru a buyer’s eyes.  Go thru your home with your REALTOR and determine what needs to be done to make it ready to sell.   Buyers will use any excuse they can to offer you less and inflate the cost of repair to bring it up to standard.  If it needs to be done, do it!  Buyers will not overlook the issues and you won’t get a second chance to make that first impression.

For more about how to improve your home’s value, call me and let’s go over what you still need to do to get your home ready to sell.

Tony Rinella

Ethos Realty